Monday, December 14, 2009

Straw Poll Results

Below are the results for the 2009 Harrison County Straw Poll, conducted on the evening of Sunday, December 13.

Thanks to everyone that came out and made the event a great success!

Photos will be posted soon.


President (for 2012) - Sarah Palin

Governor (for 2012) - Richard Mourdock

U.S. Senate - John Hostettler

U.S. Congress (9th District) - Mike Sodrel

Secretary of State - Charlie White

State Auditor - Vacant *

State Treasurer - Richard Mourdock

State Senate - Karen Shireman-Engleman

State Representative - Brett Loyd

Circuit Court Judge - John Evans

County Sheriff - Rod Seelye

County Prosecutor - John Evans

County Assessor - Vacant *

County Auditor - Tom Bube

County Treasurer - Vacant *

County Commissioner District #3 - Tie between Jim Klinstiver and Mark Wernert **

Council District #1 - Phil Smith

Council District #2 - Marion Wallace

Council District #3 - Rhonda Rhoads

Council District #4 - Ralph Sherman

* - The straw poll rules required someone present at the event to file for candidates to appear on the ballot. In cases of vacancies, no one present at the straw poll filed for anyone to appear on that spot on the ballot.

** - A voter file check after the event has found that Mark Wernert does not live in District #3, and thus isn't an eligible candidate.