Thursday, April 8, 2010

Videos from the Spencer Twp. Candidate Forum

On Saturday, April 3, Spencer Township and Spencer Township Trustee Donnie Satterfield hosted a forum for the primary election candidates. The forum was moderated by Ken Oppel, assistant superintendent and former government teacher at North Harrison. Despite being Easter Saturday, the event was well-attended.

Here are videos of the various candidates.

In the spirit of bipartisanship, the Democratic candidates are listed below as well. We have also included video of the school board candidates for those of you in that part of the county.

State Senate District #47
- Ted Metzger, Republican, was not present
- Richard Young, 22-year incumbent Democrat

State Representative District #70
- Brett Loyd, Republican
- Rhonda Rhoads, Republican
- Paul Robertson, 32-year incumbent Democrat, was not present

Circuit Court Judge
- John Evans, Republican
- Ron Simpson, Democrat

County Prosecutor
- Otto Schalk, Republican, was not present
- Dennis Byrd, 8-year incumbent Democrat

County Sheriff
- Rod Seelye, Republican
- Michael Gregory, Republican, was not present
- Tom Bube, Republican, was not present
- Eric Fischer, Democrat, was not present
- Brad Shepherd, Democrat
- Gary Gilley, Democrat, was not present
- Marty McClanahan, Democrat
- Roy Wiseman, Democrat, was not present
- Jim Slucher, Democrat, was not present

Candidates from both parties for county auditor, county assessor, and county treasurer were not present.

County Commissioner
- Jim Klinstiver, Republican, was not present
- Terry Miller, 17-year incumbent Democrat

County Council District #1
- Phil Smith, Republican
- Leslie Robertson, 4-year incumbent Democrat

County Council District #2
- Marion Wallace, Republican
- Tom Wallace, Republican, was not present
- Gary Davis, Republican
- Bill Nichols, 4-year incumbent Democrat
- Robert Morris, Democrat, was not present

Council candidates from both parties for District #3 and District #4 were not present.

North Harrison School Board (Spencer Township)
- Kyle Byrne
- Bruce Fisher
- Steve Hanger

North Harrison School Board (Jackson Township)
- Marla Adams
- Karl Benz
- Jason Seitz was not present

North Harrison School Board (At-Large)
- Veronica Sieg Battista
- Gary Byrne
- Daniel Johnson was not present

Thanks to Spencer Township and Donnie Satterfield for putting on the candidate forum and thanks to all of the candidates who came out to speak.