Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jeremy Shireman for County Council District 3

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My name is Jeremy Shireman. I have been a resident of Harrison County since 1991. I am a 1997 graduate of Corydon Central High school where I learned many lessons both academic and about life. After graduating, I decided I enjoyed school so much I would become a teacher myself; and since I loved Harrison County so much I would come back here to do it. I am now at North Harrison High School where I teach math and physics, and I also coach football at Floyd Central High School. I have been married to my wife, Laura, for nine years and we have two sons, Owen and Cooper, who are second-generation Panthers.

I have felt for some time that politicians are not listening to the people. For the last couple of years, I would sit and complain along with everyone else. I wanted honest people representing me, who would work hard and try their best to do what is right while listening to the taxpayers and trying to relieve the burden placed on them by the government. I know that is the kind of person I am, and so I decided to enter the race for County Council. If you are looking for the same things, I’m your candidate.

There are a couple of recent issues that I think show the disconnect between the taxpayers and the tax spenders. The first is the Taj Mahal of outhouses. It was decided that there was a need for a more user friendly restroom at the Hayswood Park. Hayswood is a wonderful place that gets a lot of use by the community. Anyone who has ever been there knows that new facilities are needed. The problem is we are going to spend $200,000 on them. Personally, I bought my house for almost half that amount and I would bet dollars to doughnuts that most of the homeowners in the county didn’t pay that amount for their homes.

The second issue is the new government office buildings, which cost in the neighborhood of $14 million to renovate. This is going to be a nice place for government employees to go and work, but it was paid for by the people of this county many of whom no longer have jobs in this struggling economy. If it weren’t enough to spend this money to move employees of the county from adequate buildings to much nicer surroundings, the council also approved around $1 million to buy new furniture. These are not new employees that will use these offices. They are existing employees that already have furniture and are being moved to a new and bigger building. There is nothing wrong with their current furniture, but it will probably be sold at auction by the county for virtually nothing.

If you are like me and are fed up with the lack of control by the government when it comes to spending, then come out in November and vote for me. I am ready to get in there and make a difference, but most importantly I am ready to work for you.

Thank you,
Jeremy Shireman