Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Outlook Dinner & Christmas Party

On Thursday, December 8, the Harrison County Republican Party will hold our election-year kickoff Outlook Dinner and our annual Christmas Party. It will be held at Unity Chapel just south of Ramsey. The address is 1760 Lost Creek Road NW, Ramsey, IN 47166. A Google map is available here.

Doors will open at 6:00 pm for “meet and greet.” Dinner will be served at 6:30 pm.

The dinner will feature remarks by Brian Bosma, Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives.

The dinner will also be a chance for Republicans that intend to run for office in 2012 to announce their candidacies, and for individuals interested in possibly running for office to talk with fellow Republicans.

Tickets are $15 per person and are available by RSVPing to Betty Byrd at 812-738-2173 or 812-267-2193, or by sending an email to the address on the right.

The evening will also feature a silent auction to help raise money for the local GOP.


Ads may also be purchased in the event program. Ads are the perfect way for local businesses to show their support for the good conservative government in Harrison County and for potential candidates to target advertising directly to a large group of Republican voters.

A half-page ad, measuring 6 inches in width by 3.5 inches in height, is available for $50. A full-page ad, measuring 6 inches in width by 7.5 inches in height, is available for $100. A two-page ad (two facing pages), measuring thirteen inches in width by 7.5 inches in height, is available for $200. Ads will be printed in color. Full-page and two-page ads include the literature fee (see below). Ad space is limited.

Please send an email with your ad content to the email address on the right or contact Scott Fluhr at (812) 972-5182 for more information. Ads must be received on or before December 2.


The county GOP will charge a “literature fee” for the distribution of campaign materials by candidates or campaigns. Brochures, cards, flyers, and other campaign material may not be distributed in the event hall or on the premises without payment of the literature fee. This includes items that are handed out and items that are placed on tables. The fee is $20 per candidate or campaign. The fee is included in the cost of a full-page or two-page ad.


We are also in need of a few good Republicans to volunteer and help with setting up the building for the dinner and cleaning up afterward. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Maegan DeVore at (812) 596-0574 (please call after 5 p.m.). Volunteers for the dinner will be meeting after the November Republican Party meeting (on Saturday, November 12, at 10 a.m.).