Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thank You!

Thank You!

Yesterday, voters in Harrison County went to the polls and made history. A higher proportion of votes were cast for Republicans than ever before in county history, and more Republicans were elected in Harrison County than ever before.

It was also historic in many other ways, including the largest Republican election victory in county history, that of Sheriff Rod Seelye. The election marks the continuation of the service of a unified three-member Republican Board of Commissioners and the continuation of the five-member Republican majority on the County Council.

Both of Harrison County’s judges and all of our state legislators are now Republicans. There are only four Democrats remaining in Harrison County government. More Republicans hold office at the county and township level than at any time in recent history.

This was the victory coming from the tireless efforts of many. It came after a lot of hard work and dedication by a lot of great people: citizens, volunteers, candidates, and their family members. Most importantly, it came from the votes of the people of Harrison County.

The voters decisively rejected the old politics, a possible return to the bad old days of the good old boys, and repudiated several particularly scurrilous and negative campaigns.

The election season is now at an end. The work of continuing to bring good government to Harrison County and working for everyone in our county, Republican and Democrat, remains ahead.

In the days, weeks, months, and years to come, your Republican elected officials will—as always—strive to serve Harrison County, Indiana, and America with honor, integrity, and common sense.

We will continue to deliver good, conservative government. We also hope to continue to provide a government of which you can be proud.

Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your vote.

This was truly your victory.

Your 2014 Republican Candidates:

Rod Seelye
Sheriff (re-elected)

Otto Schalk
Prosecuting Attorney (re-elected)

Joe Claypool
Judge-Elect of the Harrison Superior Court

Karen Engleman
Auditor (re-elected)

Jim Klinstiver
Commissioner, District 3 (re-elected)

Debra Dones

Phil Smith
Councilman, District 1

Gary Davis
Councilman, District 2 (re-elected)

Holli Baker Castetter
Councilwoman-Elect, District 3

Sam Day
Councilman-Elect, District 4

Connie Lawson
Secretary of State (elected)

Suzanne Crouch
Auditor of State (elected)

Kelly Mitchell
State Treasurer-Elect

Erin Houchin
State Senator-Elect, District 47

Rhonda Rhoads
State Representative, District 70 (re-elected)

Steve Davisson
State Representative, District 73 (re-elected)

Todd Young
Congressman, District 9 (re-elected)