Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Caucus Information for Auditor Vacancy

The Harrison County Republican Central Committee will caucus on Sunday, November 27, at 7:00 p.m. at the Circuit Courtroom in the Courthouse in Corydon for the purposes of filling the vacancy created by the election of Karen Engleman as the State Representative for Indiana House District #70.

Only precinct committee members may vote in this caucus. Precinct vice committee members may vote as proxies for their absent precinct committee member.

Voting will be by private ballot and will continue until one candidate has reached a majority of the precinct committee members and proxies that are present.

Indiana law empowers the county chairman to break a tie if one exists, but the county chairman will not be exercising this authority. Voting will continue until the tie is broken by the committee members and their proxies.

Once the caucus has selected who will fill the vacancy, the county chairman will certify the result to the Circuit Court Clerk. Harrison County Circuit Court Judge John Evans will be on hand that evening to swear in whoever is chosen to fill the vacancy.

Individuals interested in seeking the vacancy must file a written declaration of candidacy (CEB-5 form and letter) with Harrison County Republican Party Chairman Scott Fluhr no later than 72 hours before the caucus, in this case by Thursday, November 24 at 7:00 p.m. Individuals interested in seeking the Auditor position can contact him via email address on the right. The necessary forms are available from the Circuit Court Clerk's office or via the aforementioned email address.

Candidates must be able to complete a written questionnaire and present themselves for interviews by an interview committee composed of precinct committeemen on the evenings of either Friday, November 25, or Saturday, November 26.

The interview committee will not make any selections or recommendations, but will report to the caucus on their interviews. The committee itself will be selected at a meeting of precinct committeemen on Sunday, November 20.

The caucus meeting on the evening of November 27 will be open to the public.

Even though the law mandates us to select someone to fill Karen’s office and complete her term, we can never truly replace her. She leaves immense shoes behind. We must select someone who, by their dealings with the public, working relationship with county elected officials, and their relentless work ethic, does Karen and all of Harrison County proud in their time filling out the remainder of the term.