Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Corydon Town Council Ward 4 Caucus Results

Due to inclement weather, a quorum was unable to be present at the Harrison County Government Center in Corydon at 7:00 p.m. on the evening of Monday, February 15, for the purposes of filling the vacancy created by the resignation of Tyson Uhl from the Corydon Town Council. Uhl was elected in November of 2019 to the Ward 4 seat on the Corydon Town Council, and resigned from the Town Council to take a new job out of state.

One candidate, Harlan Fisher, filed the necessary paperwork indicating an interest in seeking the position.

Pursuant to IC 3-13-11-8(b), “If a quorum required under the rules of a meeting held under this chapter is not present, the county chairman or an individual designated by the county chairman shall fill the vacancy that exists in the local office.”

A quorum not being present due to weather and after consultation with J. Bradley King, Co-Director of the Indiana Election Division, to confirm the proper procedure, Harrison County Republican Party Chairman Scott Fluhr has appointed Fisher to fill the vacancy.

Harlan Fisher was sworn into office at the Corydon Town Council meeting on the evening of Tuesday, February 16.

We congratulate Harlan on his appointment.

We also want to thank Tyson Uhl for his service on the Corydon Town Council. He did a great job and was a dynamic, engaged public servant. Tyson made an important difference for Corydon, and his leadership was instrumental in bringing a new common sense, conservative vision to Corydon of good government and fiscal responsibility.