Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Palmyra Town Council Appointment

With the resignation of Lee Childers, who was elected as Morgan Township Trustee in the November election, a vacancy existed on the Palmyra Town Council.  Lee tendered his resignation effective December 31, 2022 at 11:59pm.
As Lee was elected as a Republican, Indiana Code says the Republican Party is responsible for selecting someone to serve out the balance of his term, which will end on December 31, 2023.
In most circumstances, elected official vacancies are filled by a caucus of precinct committee members for the area which elected the position. However, as the Town of Palmyra is entirely within one precinct and there would be only one voting precinct committee member, Indiana Code dictates the vacancy is to be filled by appointment of the Republican County Chairman.
In order to ensure a broadly representative process, an interview committee was created composed of Republican precinct committee members from the four precincts of Morgan Township, including the Palmyra precinct, and outgoing Palmyra Town Councilman Lee Childers. A majority of these five individuals are from the Town of Palmyra.
Three individuals expressed interest in the position and were interviewed by the committee on Saturday, January 7. All of the candidates were well-qualified, and the committee deliberated at length after their interviews before making a decision. Palmyra is fortunate to have so many excellent civic-minded Republicans interested in serving their community.
The committee recommended the appointment of Debra Atkins to fill the Palmyra Town Council vacancy. On January 10, 2023, Harrison County Republican Party Chairman Scott Fluhr filed the necessary  appointment paperwork with Harrison County Circuit Court Clerk Sherry Brown to fill the vacancy, and Harrison Circuit Court Judge John Evans administered her oath of office. Her first town council meeting will be Thursday, January 12.
Atkins, who works as a nurse, has a strong record of community involvement, and has sought office in Palmyra and Morgan Township before. She frequently attends Palmyra Town Council meetings and this will make it easier for her to get up to speed and hit the ground running.
Lee Childers was an excellent and thoughtful town council member, and he will be a great trustee for Morgan Township. We are confident Debra Atkins will continue his record of thoughtful, conservative representation for the people of Palmyra.