Monday, July 26, 2010

Surveyor Caucus Results

The Harrison County Republican Central Committee met in caucus on Friday, July 23, at 7:00 p.m. at the Circuit Courtroom in the Courthouse in Corydon for the purposes of filling the vacancy created by the unfortunate passing of Harrison County Surveyor Tom Bube.

Twenty-seven (out of thirty-two) precinct committeemen were present. Six candidates filed declarations indicating an interest in seeking the position of surveyor.

The six candidates were Max Brown of New Middletown (currently of Paul Primavera & Associates surveyors), Thomas “Joe” Bube of Corydon (the son of the late surveyor), Steven Day of Elizabeth (currently Assistant County Engineer), J.R. Eckart of Corydon (former county surveyor and county commissioner), Harold Klinstiver of Elizabeth (formerly an engineer with the Indiana Department of Transportation), and Bill Watts of Palmyra (president of the parks board).

The caucus selected Harold Klinstiver to fill the vacancy.

Klinstiver was not present at the caucus on Friday evening, as he and his wife Carol were in a car wreck earlier that afternoon while traveling from New Albany to Elizabeth on State Road 111. Both are currently in the hospital recovering. Their conditions are listed as serious but not critical. Klinstiver was sworn in later that weekend.

Please keep Harold and Carol in your prayers as they recover. We hope that they will be well soon.