Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Thank You!

Yesterday, voters in Harrison County went to the polls and made history.

A higher proportion of votes were cast for Republicans in an election than ever before in county history. Republicans contested every single race, and Republicans won every single race.

This was the fourth consecutive election in Harrison County in which the Republicans won every county office. Every county and township office in Harrison County will now be held by a Republican, which appears to be a first for any political party in Harrison County history since perhaps the Civil War.

Harrison County also voted overwhelmingly for Senator Todd Young, Secretary-Elect of State Diego Morales, Auditor of State Tera Klutz, Treasurer-Elect of State Daniel Elliott, Congresswoman-Elect Erin Houchin, State Senator Gary Byrne, and Representative Karen Engleman.

We take great pride in this result. The voters of Harrison County said with a resounding slam dunking they want conservative Republican leadership to continue to move Harrison County forward. The ongoing support of the people of Harrison County has been a great blessing.

There were no shades of gray in this election. From the top of the ticket to the bottom, the voters of Harrison County were presented with two dramatically different political ideologies and visions. They decisively favored a conservative, Republican platform.

This was the victory coming from the tireless efforts of many. It would not have been possible without a lot of hard work and dedication by a lot of great people: citizens, volunteers, candidates, and their family members. Most of all, it came from the votes of the people of Harrison County.

The election season is now at an end. The work of continuing to bring good, conservative government to Harrison County and working for everyone in our county remains ahead.

We said in the campaign saving America starts right here in Harrison County, and we intend to do our part.

In the days, weeks, months, and years to come, your Republican elected officials will—as always—strive to serve Harrison County, Indiana, and America with honor, integrity, and conservative common sense.

We will continue to deliver good, conservative government. We also hope to continue to provide a government of which you can be proud.

Thank you for your support, your prayers, and your vote.

This was truly your victory.

Your 2022 Republican Candidates:

Todd Young
United States Senator

Diego Morales
Secretary-Elect of State

Tera Klutz
Auditor of State

Daniel Elliott
Treasurer-Elect of State

Erin Houchin

Gary Byrne
State Senator

Karen Engleman
State Representative

John Evans
Judge of the Harrison Circuit Court

Otto Schalk
Prosecuting Attorney

Chad Shireman

Christa Day

Nick Smith

Rena Stepro

Brad Wiseman

Kyle Nix
Councilman, District 1

Joe Kellum
Councilman-Elect, District 2

Holli Castetter
Councilwoman, District 3

Jake Blackman
Councilman-Elect, District 4

Michael Beyerle, Linda King, David Hussung, Mark Strange, Teresa Eschbacher, Joe Martin, Teresa Sutton, Aaron Scott, Jeremy Wathen, and Isaac Brown
Township Trustees

Wyman Lee Childers and Leigh Lancia
Township Trustees-Elect

Glenna Binkley, Fred Churchill, Darcy Kamer, Kevin Crosier, Shelia Beanblossom Jackson, Jessica Terry, David Brengman, Bill Rowett, Sean Davis, Rhonda Rhoads, Gerald Jacobs, Gary Wiseman, Rick Crecelius, Keith Pinaire, Eric Wise, Leland Krush, Travis McAfee, Tammie Crosby, Lynette Klinstiver, Bruce Hawkins, Pam Wate, JoAnna Barks, Stefanie Bliss, Oren Chumley, and Joey Rosbottom
Township Advisory Board Members

Jerry Luttman, Jim Smith, Doug Totten, Charles Atkins, John Crosby, Justin Byerly, Jared Goldman, Maggie Abart-Briles, Howard Christy, Chris Schneider, and Sam Hecht
Township Advisory Board Members-Elect