Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Corydon Town Convention Notice

A Republican town convention will be held on Sunday, August 20, at 7:00 p.m. at the Corydon Town Hall for the purposes of selecting the Republican nominee for the District 5 Corydon Town Council seat. The two Republican town council candidates are David Conrad and Harlan Fisher.
Under Indiana law, towns with fewer than 3,500 residents—such as Corydon—do not hold primary elections. Rather, a political party’s nominees for the November election, when contested, are selected at a town convention held by that party.
The convention is open to voters living within the Corydon town limits (the Corydon East, Corydon South, and Corydon West precincts) who have voted Republican in their most recent primary election according to the voter files of the Harrison County Clerk, and are not a member of another party. Individuals who are not members of another political party and sign a sworn statement to support the Republican ticket in the November election may also participate in the convention.
By law, town conventions require in-person voting and do not allow absentee or early voting. Participants will also need to show valid photo identification, in accordance with Indiana's Voter ID Law.